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One Love Tribe

Together We Create. One Purpose. One Love. 

Comforting the Weary Traveler, Uplifting the Free-Spirited Soul

Imagine it's the end of your day... and you're so ready to go home .. to kick back and relax into your warm, cozy bed sink into your fluffy, soft couch and binge watch your favorite Netflix show...

Now imagine that all of this is taken away from you ... it isn't possible for you. You can't kick back and relax, you can't binge on your Netflix shows because you don't have a warm, safe place to call home...

Unfortunately, this is reality for some of our neighbors. Homelessness is their experience and they feel completely alone, ashamed and deeply devastated. That's why Crossroads of Rhode Island is on a mission to end homelessness by "making the experience of homelessness as temporary as possible" and we're supporting them!


❤️For People, By People ❤️

What's the One Love Tribe and How Do I Join?

⭐️With your purchases and our partner Crossroads of Rhode Island, aneha helps give luxe personal care kits + emotional support via soul care cards to homeless women and men in Rhode Island! 

Often they experience a lot of shame, pain, trauma, anxiety, loneliness and distress because of their situations.

Our focus is in genuinely and soulfully uplifting women as well as men, through luxe personal care kits as they transition from homelessness to safety and security.


⭐️Each luxe kit has a written love note with your name on it to remind our neighbors that they are not alone...and that you are supporting them through this challenging time.

 ⭐️Just by making a purchase through aneha, you join the One Love Tribe and gift comfort, care, + heart-warming kindness to our homeless neighbors in need.

By end of February 2019, we will start sending care packages to Crossroads RI in support of our neighbors.

By December 2019, as the One Love Tribe, we aim to gift 1,000 luxe personal care kits to 1,000 homeless men + women ... we need your help to do so!


What We Give


The Gift of Comfort - each kit is lovingly customized for each man and each woman. Providing comfort uplifts a soul who would otherwise feel completely devastated and alone.


The Gift of Kindness - each kit includes loving soul care cards and a love note to encourage our neighbors in need. Your heart-warming kindness soothes and calms a weary, broken heart.


The Gift of Support - sustainable, continued donation and investment; this is a sustainable donation…not a one-time fling. Sustainable support furthers Crossroad's mission of ending homelessness by "making the experience of homelessness as temporary as possible"


Each luxe personal care kit is an in-kind donation valued at $150 that contains:
* (2) Bars of soap
* (1) Razors
* (1) Lotion
* (1) Shampoo
* (1) Conditioner
* (1) Deodorant
* (1) Hand sanitizer
* (1) Month supply of Feminine Care Items
* (1) Toothpaste
* (2) Toothbrushes
(1) Set of Soul Care Cards
(1) Love Note with Your Name as a Donor on It
     * Items vary between regular, travel and hotel sized. Real photos of packages are coming soon 
    Thank you so very much for your collaboration + help!