High Vibe Cheers – anëha

High Vibe Cheers

Stay super high vibe this holiday season in a festive, cheery, ethical and conscious way with handmade, breathtaking, rare and ethically sourced gifts galore! (wow, THAT was a mouthful)

Make a loving, lasting statement with gifts as unique as your fingerprints! Each is meticulously handmade and prepared for you + your recipient's delight ✨ (hmm...is it yours + your or you + your 🤔 grammar police I neeed your help ASAP)

 Choose between a wide, enticing selection of goodies you've probably never seen before and won't find anywhere else (yuuuuup they're that unique...as unique as your fingerprints)

 🌙Certified Moon Child Cult-Favorite, 🌟Day Dreamer Drool-Worthy


3 Hand-Painted Incense Burners

These one of a kind incense holders are:

🌙 Hand painted

🌙 One of a kind design (only one of each)

🌙 Painted on wood

🌙 Sealed with varnish coating

🌙Each burner comes with two Native made white sage incense sticks






Celestial Bookmarks

Galaxy Bookmarks

High Vibe Animals -- Decorative :)

Created in the style of vibrant Chindi rugs from Jaipur, your uniquely charming animals bring one-of-a-kind winter wonder. Hand made on a sturdy form wrapped in strips of colorful recycled fabric and accented with ornamental color, each Chindi animal is a detailed work of art (oh you fancy, huh?)

Color of wrap will vary, giving each its own individual character (oooh la la) 

High Vibe Reindeer

aneha Christmas Decor
aneha Christmas Decor

High Vibe Giraffe


Chindi Giraffe


Chindi Giraffe

The Glass Sketchbook


A chemistry twist on the common conundrum. Great notebook for spreading positivity - the glass is always full! Great Christmas stocking gift!

Your glass is only half filled with water, but the other half contains all the gases that float around in our environment :)

One Love