You’re probably used to double-tapping on dreamy, picture-perfect highlight reels on social media… 

 So it’s easy to believe that your favorite boho & bohemian influencers’ lives are also picture-perfect #IRL (in real life).

But the reality is…that isn’t the case. 

 On the Modern Boho podcast, we’re going to sit, chat, laugh, and spill the tea with real people…

With real boho & bohemian influencers, brand owners and creatives behind your favorite boho & bohemian lifestyle content & products. 

 Grab a cuppa and tune in to our on-going chats & very real convos on Spotify, Apple Podcasts & Anchor!

Hi, I’m Pauline! Founder and CEO of aneha 🙂 I’m a tech nerd, engineer and lover of all things boho and bohemian.

I’ve always been free-spirited and in love with vibrant colors, textures and embroidery – I’ll be your host for the Modern Boho Podcast. Tune into the Modern Boho Podcast & stay wild!


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